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Why this blog has changed.

I have chosen to change this blog’s name. Its title will now be Old Right Blog. Some may ask why I have chosen this name as opposed to its former one. There are several reasons. 1. The old name, millenialconservator, … Continue reading

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Manent and Secular Society I: Laicite

What is the nature of modern society? According to French philosopher Pierre Manent, the nature of democracy is a separation of functions. We separate the political power from the spiritual power, the economic from the legal and the legal from … Continue reading

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The Toxic Fluff of Joel Osteen

Not to long ago a video popped up on YouTube featuring Joel Osteen and his wife, at their beyond-mega-church in Texas. Now this couple is something which I have avoided like plague, but every so often I get infected anyway. … Continue reading

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