Why this blog has changed.

I have chosen to change this blog’s name. Its title will now be Old Right Blog. Some may ask why I have chosen this name as opposed to its former one. There are several reasons.

1. The old name, millenialconservator, was pretensions and obscure. It was too hard to remember and spell. Instead, a new name is needed.

2. I will someday write full-time. As a first step, I have chosen to turn my blog from a place to airily dispense bloated opinions into a place of more earnest and down-to-earth discussion. I will still discuss ideas and great thinkers, but not as before.

3. I admire the blogs of others, I admire their success. I want that sort of success for myself. This is a first step in attaining it. If anyone has suggestions for how I can improve this blog, its content, writing or appearance, please tell me.

Here’s to many more posts in the future.

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