Act Now!

What we do when a chance comes to us? When a new door opens before us? Well…the answers are often ones we don’t care to admit to ourselves. So in looking at why we fail to act, I say, most emphatically, we must act, and act now.

We draw back, we run away, we worry and fret and debate endlessly with ourselves whether or not we should take the chances or not. I know this because I do it all the time. I spent years worrying and fretting, and not acting. I’ve let chances slid right by, failed to follow-up. I have only of late begun to change that. Here’s part of why.

I am soon to turn 30 years of age. My family has taken great joy in ribbing me at how old I’m getting. I continually turn to myself and, acting as judge and prosecutor, ask why I have so often failed to do what I have often longed to do? I wish to write, to teach, to think as deeply as God allows me to. But I have largely failed to do so until now, why?

I am afraid, as many are. Afraid of failure. But as I’ve continued to strive and to think and to write, I’ve found that the old sayings are all true. We learn more by failure than we do by success. Knowing that we did right is easy, learning what we did wrong is hard. But it is the latter that provides the challenge to surpass ourselves, to do better, to climb higher.

Among my favorite blogs is The Art of Manliness. No other online resource has served to well to teach us again what it means to be a man, and why it is vital. One of the things taught on that blog is the need for men to act like men. Read that sentence again…to act like men. To be a man is to act, to live, to strive, to be, not to reside in a solipsistic stupor. It is to act in accord with what we are. This applies to both men and women, but I apply it to men since I am one, and because men have failed to be men, they have forgotten how to be men.

As I have watched the younger members of my family grow up, marry, have careers, children and all that, I have been made aware of my own failings. The Great Recession was for me a great setback, but does that mean I have the right to simply laze about and not press on? Certainly not! It gives me even greater cause to act.

When we look for an open door and find one, we feel fear at taking it. Fear is fine, but never allow that fear to paralyze you. Press onward. With hard work, preparation and a bit of wise guidance, all things are possible. Act now, and do not be afraid of failure. Act now!

C. McDonald

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