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Act Now!

What we do when a chance comes to us? When a new door opens before us? Well…the answers are often ones we don’t care to admit to ourselves. So in looking at why we fail to act, I say, most … Continue reading

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The Frightening Future of Forstchen

My most recent light-novel read has been a good one, albeit frightening. William R. Fortschen’s 2009 post-apocalypse work, One Second After. The book stands upon the premise of America suffering three EMP attacks in a single day, which destroy electronic … Continue reading

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Why this blog has changed.

I have chosen to change this blog’s name. Its title will now be Old Right Blog. Some may ask why I have chosen this name as opposed to its former one. There are several reasons. 1. The old name, millenialconservator, … Continue reading

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Manent and Secular Society I: Laicite

What is the nature of modern society? According to French philosopher Pierre Manent, the nature of democracy is a separation of functions. We separate the political power from the spiritual power, the economic from the legal and the legal from … Continue reading

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The Toxic Fluff of Joel Osteen

Not to long ago a video popped up on YouTube featuring Joel Osteen and his wife, at their beyond-mega-church in Texas. Now this couple is something which I have avoided like plague, but every so often I get infected anyway. … Continue reading

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Conservatism and Cultural Reductionism

Recent philosophical readings in the realm of philosophy of science and nature has led me to a series of questions, which I will attempt to investigate in the posting. 1. What is reductionism? Simply put, it is the attempt to … Continue reading

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European Union and Democratic Weakness

The European Union is an uncertain creature. Founded in the 90s as the culminating answer to questions of European security and destiny after the catastrophes of World Wars I and II, which exposed the supposed weaknesses in the nation-state system … Continue reading

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